Los Cazadores


A closer look at this ever-growing community

At Cazadores de Fake News we analyze and verify news related to Venezuela, spread through social networks and instant messaging. The information we publish is the result of the collaborative work carried out in the Cazadores de Fake News Telegram forum, a group open to citizen participation and in constant growth.

Cazadores de Fake News serves as a complement to the Noticias Seleccionadas Venezuela (Venezuelan Selected News) verified information dissemination network, founded in early 2019 and made up of several groups and channels in Telegram and WhatsApp. The creation of our forum addresses the need to confirm inquiries from any member of the network through contributions and analysis made by the community itself.

Every time we detect false or misleading news, we make a public statement according to the following categories:

Fake News Alerts

Once it has been concluded that a news item is absolutely false and there is strong evidence to support these conclusions.


When it is necessary to delve into the details surrounding a particular news item, either because its information is misleading, exposes a partial truth or is biased, the data was misinterpreted or is based on contradictory statements by one or more spokespersons.

These official Fake News Hunter releases are also posted on our Telegram bulletin board, as well as on our Twitter, Instagram profiles and Facebook fan page. So the reader can access this information and share it from the social network or messaging service of their choice.

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