In order to maintain the group’s transparency and improve the processes that govern it, on November 8, 2019, a Hunters’ Editorial Board (CEC by its Spanish acronym) was formed with a scope of action on and the social networks of @cazamosfakenews.

To elect the CEC, the same forum made the nomination of some members and the election was done through direct vote. The 8 members of the CEC serve as a global representation of the editorial decisions of Cazadores de News.

As of this date, the verification process applied by Cazadores de Fake News is summarized as follows:

  1. Any member of the Cazadores Forum may submit fake news about Venezuela or Venezuelans, investigate, gather arguments and organize them to disprove the information in question.
  2. Subsequently, the results of each investigation are submitted to the CEC and the analysis of the available evidence will proceed, if the case is unanimously approved.
  3. All members of the CEC have the right to veto the analysis, classification and publication of any case brought to the forum.
  4. The CEC will approve by simple majority -with the participation of 7 of the 8 members- the evidence of each case studied. If a simple majority is not reached, further evidence must be sought.
  5. The information investigated within the Hunters Forum will be published on the web and social networks following the categories agreed so far: “True”, “False”, “Deceitful”, “Clarifying” or “Unverifiable”.
  6. The information published on the website and social networks of Cazadores de Fake News will be indexed in the “Hunter’s List” including the origin of the information -in the cases that it applies-.
  7. In the case of detecting the recidivism of a source of dissemination of the false news, if it has been mentioned more than 5 times in the “Hunters List”, it will be cited in the denial of the news along with an explicit note saying that it is a source that “misinforms”. In order to make this classification, the vote among the members of the CEC must be unanimous.
  8. All comments made in the Hunter’s Forum will be considered as personal interventions of each of its members and in no case as joint statements of Fake News Hunter’s.
  9. The official spokesperson of Cazadores de Fake News will be under the responsibility of Kárlah Eloísa Acosta.
  10. The official statements of Cazadores de Fake News will be made public only and exclusively through the social networks of @cazamosfakenews (including the Telegram channel) and and it will be understood that these publications are supported by the participants of the Cazadores Forum through their representation in the CEC.